Traveling is about freedom

Freedom of mobilitiy, freedom of expression, freedom of choice, and individual freedom is how the youth define traveling.

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Freedom Explorer awarding

IAF Seminar : Smart City and Modern Mobility

There is no agreed definition on smart city concept. However, this concept or term of smart city havecaptured the imagination of cities stakeholders worldwide. Long-term challenges faced by cities...

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Smart Cities and Modern Mobility

Kebijakan Pajak di Kota Manado: Studi Kasus dan Pengalaman Pengusaha Kedai Kopi

Pajak restoran sebagai bagian dari pendapatan daerah menjadi sumber pendapatan terbesar pada lima tahun terakhir di kota Manado sesudah pajak hotel. Pemerintah daerah berdalih, semakin menjamurnya...

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Cover Buku Kebijakan Pajak di Kota Manado

FNF Amman is Bidding its Old IT Devices

FNF Amman bids its old IT devices for organization and/or individual who would like to buy used devices. The bidden devices are: 4 x Pentium PC; round about 10 years old 4 x LCD Monitors .....

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FNF Amman Inventory

Christian Lindner in Asia: Innovation, Environment, Security, and Society 5.0

Lindner, Chairman of Germany´s Free Democratic Party (FDP), along with other members of the German Parliament, visited Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Seoul, and Tokyo.

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CL Asia Delegation

Rouba El Helou

I am a Lecturer of political communication and gender in the Faculty of Law and Political Science at Notre Dame University in Lebanon. I am also a PhD candidate at the University of Erfurt in...

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Gira de Ricardo López Murphy en el NEA

La Fundación Friedrich Naumann para la Libertad, en conjunto con la Fundación Cívico Republicana y el Club de la Libertad organizaron diversas presentaciones de Ricardo López Murphy en las provincias...

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López Murphy

Free Food Tour in Southeast & East Asia

To give you a taste of freedom - literally - is a food tour! Meet Polgas, a popular comic character in the Philippines, savoring the cuisine of Southeast & East Asia, and the flavors of freedom! 

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Shabab42 Members Share with BBC News Arabic their Achievements and Dreams

The FNF Amman-supported Jordanian youth group 'Shabab42' has been featured on BBC News Arabic radio channel last Wednesday to 

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Jordanian Youth Group Shabab42

Міжнародний літній табір "Табір Свободи" - шлях до деокупації Криму

З 30 червня по 8 липня на березі Азовського моря Кримськотатарський Ресурсний Центрі провів Міжнародний літній табір «Табір Свободи». У «Таборі Свободи» взяли участь 23 молодих активіста з України (...

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